Tips and Tricks for Social Media Marketing

Both newly established and progressive brands are increasingly using social media to massively grow their following, increase sales, and generate leads. Growing a brand using social media might feel overwhelming with multiple platforms available to you. Though it’s easier to use diverse social media networks to connect with people and propagate your brand organically. Whether you have recently started or have been active online for several years, there’s always a need for improvement. In this article, we will cover some popular tips and tricks to optimize your marketing strategy.

Identify Your Goals

It’s a wise business approach to set your goals before planning out and here social media marketing is no different. Don’t worry, there is a SMART goal setting strategy to develop the groundwork for efficacious social media marketing. Specific: Vague objectives will not take your business anywhere. You need to figure out the exact goals and develop measures to succeed. Your company’s vision and mission must be clear! Measurable: Being able to conclusively respond “we missed the goal by 2%” is an impressive goal standard. Attainable: Be practical while setting your business goals. You might need to stretch a little further to be productive but remember to avoid going overboard with expectations. Relevant: Social media marketing objectives must go align with the overall goal whether you want to increase website traffic, build an audience, or strengthen the brand. It’s a good idea to keep your business goals associated with the bigger picture. Timely: Stay on track by identifying the date and time to reach the designated goals. Deadlines are important!

Be Consistent

Being active on social media makes an important consideration. For instance, certain platforms such as Twitter and Instagram stories require you to stay active several times a day. While figuring out your post stratagem, you should look at multiple factors and how the algorithm operates for every network. This connects back in with your overall social media marketing plan. A smart outline should be: • How frequently you plan to publish on every social media platform • Type of content to post on each network • Identify the target audience

Engage Your Audience

To make your social media marketing plan a success, businesses should look forward to increasing engagement in the followers. Respond: Managing social media is not simply a one-way track. Respond personally and on time to the queries. Link: Primarily depending on your business objectives, it’s a good strategy to incorporate links in your posts. Link to your website, blog, and other call-to-action (CTA) will encourage users to take action. Surely it’s a growing social media marketing approach! Use Hashtags: Help the audience reach your posts with smartly used hashtags. Design a comprehensive list of hashtags that you intend to use. You will also find neon signs to help your message to be more accessible and discoverable.

Keep an Eye on What’s Trending

As soon as you have identified your key message, look at the popular emerging trends on every platform. If you find a certain pattern or strategy is gaining popularity and aligns with your message, it’s a great idea to benefit from it and drive engagement. Be cautious of every trend you come across. Designing posts that don’t go well with the overall message of your campaign can annoy or distract your target audience. You should not always prefer creating a certain type of content just because the other businesses are doing it. It’s important to create a focused message that can be used as a foundation to measure your upcoming social media posts. One effective way to have a consistent supply of popular content is to formulate a list of sites in your industry and publish the latest and unique content. You can add the content to RSS reader such as Feedly. Afterward, you will have a dashboard of the latest posts from other sites you are interested in.

Best-Converting Ad Copy in Your Social Campaigns

Similar to the placement of AdWords and Bing Ads that significantly depends on the quality score, the eminence of your social advertisements also relies on the same metric. For Facebook marketers, this metric is known as the Relevance Score. For Twitter, it’s the Quality Adjusted Bids. One way to improve your Relevance Score or Quality Adjusted Bid is using the finest converting ad copy from your Pay Per Click advertisements in your social campaigns. Not only it lets you repurpose an effective ad copy but also results in similar promotion across diverse paid social campaigns and paid search. Once your campaign performs strongly in PPC, it is more likely to do well on social media as well.

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